Digital Marketing

Our homepage is a dynamic and interactive gateway for Retail Members to access many of the online benefits of their Membership.  Current and potential Retail Member Stores regularly visit the PPP Homepage exploring Membership information, to gain access to our Vendor Portal, enter buzz worthy giveaways, read the PPP blog and more…

Opportunities include:

LOGO:  Logo is featured on Homepage Membership Slider main image. It will be one of twelve logos (or less) used in the image. The Homepage Membership Slider is one of our cycling sliders. The logo will be displayed for three months.  12 spaces are available per quarter. The cost is $100 and the placement is for one quarter. .

ROTATING PRODUCT AD (Fresh Picks) The Rotating ad is where Vendors can showcase a single product with key messaging. There are four Rotating Vendor ads per month – The four ads cycle through like a slide show, one vendor ad at a time until all have been shown and then the cycle repeats. The ad will be displayed for an entire month. Ad will link to the Vendor website page.  In addition, you will be featured on our Facebook Page and in a dedicated monthly Fresh Picks email to PPP Retail Members.  Four spaces are available per month.  The cost is $250.  Limit of one Fresh Pick per month and per quarter per Vendor.

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Fine Print:  To reserve your space, complete the form below.  You will receive a confirmation email with an invoice and submission details, including deadline dates and artwork requirements.  First come; first serve.  Digital Marketing Ads must be paid for prior to launch date.  PPP has final right of approval and may edit text/content as appropriate.

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