The Fine Print

Retail Member Fee

Our program is membership fee based and paid annually. A full 12 months of savings apply no matter your start date. We do offer two tiered pricing, based on your hospital size. You will find the monthly rate of our annual fee to be an excellent value.... REQUEST A RETAIL MEMBER PACKET >

Hospital Systems

Purchasing Power Plus was launched in 1996. At that time, the majority of hospitals were run independently. As time passed, the marketplace began to change. You undoubtedly are now part of a larger system and may even manage multiple locations. However, our pricing structure has had to remain the same, so we may serve both independent Gift Shops and system Gift Shops, in the same manner. With that in mind, we do require that each Gift Shop being shipped merchandise must have a PPP Retail Membership. Gift Shop parties agree upon joining and renewal to only request the PPP discount for eligible locations with active PPP Retail Membership. Additionally, each PPP Retail Membership is based on your Hospital Name, Gift Shop, Bill To and Ship To Address. This information must match our records to qualify for the PPP discount.

Vendor Partner Referrals

If you are working with a Vendor that would like to learn more about PPP, we encourage you to direct them to our website. We share our product submission process with them, so that our panel may consider all requests. We are looking for Vendors with a variety of offerings, national exposure and excellent customer service.

PPP Savings

Given our program’s unique design, which allows you to retain buying autonomy; we have no knowledge of your purchases/savings. We do offer a spreadsheet that will allow you to track your savings, on an order by order basis. Simply compare your purchase order to your invoice, to ensure the proper discount has been applied. Retail tip: you should always compare the two, to ensure everything ordered has arrived and that the pricing is correct.

Successfully Tracking Your Discounts

The PPP Savings Worksheet is set up to include the amount originally ordered and the amount received, using the amount received when multiplying the discount to see your savings. We suggest that you log your purchase orders when placed and update upon receipt of the merchandise. Remember to use the invoice total PRIOR to the discount and shipping charges. This is a good indicator of what you originally order and what was received. Download PPP Savings Worksheet >


You will be assigned a PPP Retail Member Number. It is your responsibility to identify yourself as a PPP Retail Member, each time you place an order. We do issue Retail Member Labels, for you to affix to purchase orders. In the unlikely event a discount has not been applied, simply adjust the invoice to reflect the discount (before freight) attach your Retail Member Label and send along the correct amount due.

Discounts & Minimums

PPP Retail Members receive their membership discount off each Vendor Partner’s published wholesale minimum order requirements. In other words, you are not required to place larger than normal orders to qualify. This allows you to spread your buying dollars and bring in more lines. Keep in mind, that typically our discounts cannot be combined with other offerings. If you select a great show special, it will be in lieu of the PPP discount. However, the discount will apply to your reorder of that same merchandise. One final note: invoices must be paid within the Net Terms offered by our Vendor Partner. If the invoice is not paid within that time frame, the discount can be revoked at the Vendor's discretion.


PPP has cultivated a relationship with PartnerShip®, who developed and manages a discount shipping program. PPP Retail Members enrolled in the free program will receive discounts on domestic and international small package and freight (LTL) shipments through FedEx® and Yellow Transportation. This program is free, with no obligations and no minimum volume requirements.