Exciting and new, Purchasing Power Plus is happy to share our new PLUS DAYS!  Our creative team is thrilled to introduce ways to save that make shopping stress free and risk free.

PLUS DAYS will feature a curated selection of quality makers supporting our hospital gift shop community.

We are launching our first PLUS DAY with our friends at Medterra CBD.  

The FIRST 50 PPP Retail Members to claim this PLUS DAY Deal will receive a GUARANTEED SALE from Medterra CBD.  This offer is ONLY good until Friday, September 20th and only to the first 50 PPP Retail Members new to Medterra CBD.

Medterra CBD, 20% Discount on Opening Order + Free Shipping, 10% Discount on Reorders, (949) 910-0383, medterracbd.comOpening $500  Reorder $100

Made with 99% pure CBD, Medterra’s products are guaranteed to be THC free and ships to all 50 states.


New to Medterra CBD?  Claim one of the deals below and complete the form completely.  We will send your information to Brandon Beals ([email protected]) at Medterra CBD, who will contact you to arrange the details.

Fine Print:  Select Option One or Option Two when completing the form below.  Medterra CBD will contact you to arrange the details of your order.  Immediate Ship Date Required.  Guaranteed Sale is for a period of 30 days. You are invited to return any items that do not sell for a full refund OR exchange for the best selling items in your hospital gift shop.  A pre-paid label will be provided to ship any remaining products to Medterra CBD.  The PPP Discount and Free Shipping WILL apply to any merchandise you opt to keep.  This offer is available to PPP Retail Members new to Medterra CBD.


New Option for Pets:

SmartStart Pets, Wholesale Cost $248.92 – Retail Value $497.84

  • 150mg Chicken CBD Pet Tincture  (qty 3)
  • 150mg Flavorless CBD Pet Tincture (qty 3)
  • 300mg Beef CBD Pet Tincture (qty 3)
  • 750mg Beef CBD Pet Tincture (qty 3)
  • CBD Pet Joint Support Chews (qty 6)
  • Medterra Trifold Brochure (25 pack)
  • Medterra Pet Theme Point of Sale Display (Small)
  • FREE Marketing Bundle

Option One: 

SMALL DISPLAY, $500 Minimum, Mix and Match to Create Your Own Product Mix

Option Two:

STARTER PACK 1, Wholesale Pricing $714.00 – Retail Value $1,427.76, Includes the Product Mix Detailed Below:

(3) 500 mg CBD Tinctures

(3) 1000 mg CBD Tinctures

(3) 50 mg CBD Gel Capsules

(3) 25 mg CBD 10mg Melatonin Capsules

(3) 25 mg CBD Good Morning Capsules

(3) 250 mg CBD Topical Cooling Cream

(6) 750 mg CBD Topical Cooling Cream

Medterra Trifold Brochures (1 pack- 25)

Medterra – CBD Sold Here Window Clings

Medterra Point of Sale Display – Small Corrugate

  • 750 mg Topical Cooling Cream Samples
  • Medterra Posters also available


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