The 2019 PPP Voucher Program

Our team has been creating new opportunities that embrace our goal of empowering our Retail Members with programs that increase the hospital gift shop’s bottom line through our partnerships with key vendors, in all the categories that shape your gift shop.

This quarter we are introducing a Voucher Program that promises to:

  • Increase your savings and profitability
  • Enhance the benefits of your PPP Membership
  • Promote connectivity between Retail Members and our Vendor Partners
  • Encourage you to discover and support NEW PPP Vendor Partners
  • Re-establish relationships with those Vendors who remain committed to your success

How it works:

21 of our PPP Vendors  (See below for the complete listing) have partnered with us to bring this opportunity to you.  Each is offering a voucher valued at $100 to be used on any order of $350 or more*.  A discount of nearly 29% (off a $350 order).

Support our Vendor Partners while making ordering easier and less stressful than ever before.  Look for collections that you have been wanting to try, explore new trends, or bring in product that will allow you to create exciting promotions (customer rewards, gift with purchase, gift bundling…).

Engagement and support ensure we can continue bringing exciting new programs that benefit our entire Retail Community of Hospital Gift Shops.


  • Each voucher is valued at $100 and may be used on any order of $350 or more.
  • No additional discounts/offers/incentives may be applied to order.  
  • Vouchers apply to orders placed with Vendors new to your gift shop (have never ordered from) OR to orders placed with Vendors you have not ordered/reordered from within the last 24 months. 
  • All orders placed require an immediate ship date;  with a final shipped by date of December 31, 2019 to qualify.
  • Vouchers apply only to the Vendor Partners participating in our 2019 voucher program.

Complete the form below, to request Vouchers for each of the Vendors you would like to explore.  We will mail them via USPS directly to you within 48 business hours.

  • I have read and agree to all terms outlined in the PPP Voucher Program Fine Print.

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