Come Say Hello!

Join us for our next Morning Coffee session on July 28th at 11:30 am EST.  This will be a more informal session for networking and sharing with a focus on best sellers and trending categories in your gift shops.  Be ready to share your favorite finds!

Until then, we have a few networking questions that have been posed.  We would appreciate your response/feedback.  Send replies to [email protected] or feel free to utilize our Networking Submission form.

Question 1:  “Are you aware of a Hospital Gift Shop Association in New York – regional or statewide?”

Question 2:  “Can we discuss hospitals that would like to have web sites for their gift shops and the ability to order online?  Our hospital is planning on opening a web site, hopefully, by November.  We would like to connect with other hospitals that have active websites (fully functioning and up to date) that we may network with.”

Question 3: “What is happening with Shipping. What are the strategies for taking merchandise? What are major vendors saying? When should we expect items? Should we place fall winter orders now?”

Question 4: “I’d like to ask the community if any of them know of another Sundry Supplier other than Kelli’s?”

Register below for our next session on July 28th at 11:30 am EST, so we may send an invitation directly to you with the link to access the session.  We look forward to connecting!

  • Please send the Zoom invitation to the email provided.