Membership Benefits

Healthcare Gift Shop Community

Connecting and supporting the Healthcare Gift Shop Community since 1996; Purchasing Power Plus is a buying group uniquely tailored for this marketplace. With hundreds of locations across the nation; our mission is to empower each gift shop retailer and support these independent gift shops flourishing among big box locations. We partner with industry leading Vendors to ensure our Retailer’s success in an evolving and dynamic industry.

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Purchasing Power Plus has built relationships with industry leading Vendors. Each of our Vendor Partners is committed to your success and offers our Retail Members significant saving opportunities. Discounts average 10% and include dating programs and no inflated minimum order requirements.  While you may not combine your PPP discount with other offerings, such as show specials, you are always free to select the best discount for you.  After all this program is designed for you –  Wholesale buying made simple.

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Retail Education

Network News, our bi-monthly publication, along with our virtual educational series, Morning Coffee Zoom sessions, video channel and social media post keep you informed on the go. We explore topics such as retail trends, visual display and merchandising inspiration, educational features, interviews, vendor spotlights and more. We collaborate with our Retailer and industry leading Vendors to ensure engaging publications that speak directly to the challenges in our ever changing marketplace.

Trend Forecasts

Our team of industry insiders explores markets from coast to coast for the newest lines, exciting debuts and merchandise that will make your customers come back again and again. You won’t want to miss our regular Social Media features. Click through our Pinterest boards, visit Facebook, view Instagram or flip the pages of our newsletter – they will inspire, motivate and encourage.

Exclusive Events

Look for an array of events that foster community and connection among Retail Members and our Vendor Partners. Whether you are attending market close to home or traveling to Atlanta or Las Vegas, look for exclusive events and extra savings opportunities to meet your needs now. Virtual sessions support you with educational seminars, on-line markets, and networking tailored to the healthcare retail community.

Empowering Our Retailers

In this day and age of outsourcing, more and more gift shops in the healthcare industry are being subcontracted to third party operators. Our goal is to empower our Retailers with programs that increase the gift shop’s bottom line through our partnerships with key vendors, in all the categories that shape your gift shop. Retail education, industry trend reports and networking opportunities ensure true engagement in the healthcare gift shop community that we believe is integral to success.