Connecting and supporting the Retail Gift Shop Community for the Healthcare Industry; Purchasing Power Plus is a buying group uniquely tailored for this marketplace.  With hundreds of retail locations across the nation; our mission is to empower both our Retail Members and Vendor Partners. Our Vendors programs  support  you in your efforts to engage, connect and establish relationships with our Retail Member Stores.

Our wide range of opportunities serve as a means for achieving new business and support efforts to strengthen relationships with current customers.  Strategic relationships benefit Retail Members with preferential terms from key Vendors, while as a buying group Member, our stores present as a strong audience with sales growth opportunity.  We are committed to a high standard of excellence and focus our efforts on relationships with Vendors that create, imagine, re-purpose and inspire and are committed to our community.  Our extraordinary list of Vendor Partners has been crafted with this philosophy in mind.

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Transpac has seen a significant growth in sales in our short relationship with Purchasing Power Plus. This partnership helps us build successful business relationships with creativity and ease.  Their imaginative vendor promotions such as Buzz Worthy, their monthly flyer program and their Sponsorship events makes it easy to promote the Transpac brand.  They are one of the most efficient, organized and friendly vendor programs that we have ever worked with in this industry. We anticipate further success with Purchasing Power Plus as our business continues to grow.  Melinda Rorie, Transpac