At Purchasing Power Plus, we’re not just a buying group; we’re a vibrant community dedicated to connecting and uplifting the Retail Gift Shop Community within the Healthcare Industry. With a widespread presence across the nation, our mission is clear: to empower both our Retail Members and Vendor Partners.

Our Vendor Programs are meticulously designed to bolster your efforts in engaging, connecting, and fostering relationships with our network of Retail Member Stores. We provide a diverse array of opportunities that serve as avenues for not only gaining new business but also fortifying existing customer relationships. By fostering strategic partnerships, our Retail Members enjoy preferential terms from key Vendors, presenting our stores as a robust audience with substantial sales growth potential.

Committed to a high standard of excellence, we focus on cultivating relationships with Vendors who share our passion for creativity, innovation, repurposing, and inspiration. Our exceptional list of Vendor Partners reflects this commitment and is a testament to our dedication to building a thriving community.

Are you ready to join our community of Vendor Partners? Discover the exciting possibilities and benefits that come with being a part of Purchasing Power Plus. Let’s embark on this journey together!

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Transpac has seen a significant growth in sales in our short relationship with Purchasing Power Plus. This partnership helps us build successful business relationships with creativity and ease.  Their imaginative vendor promotions such as Buzz Worthy, their monthly flyer program and their Sponsorship events makes it easy to promote the Transpac brand.  They are one of the most efficient, organized and friendly vendor programs that we have ever worked with in this industry. We anticipate further success with Purchasing Power Plus as our business continues to grow.  Melinda Rorie, Transpac