Morning Coffee Giveaways:  September 2023 

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Amanda Klein Co.

Winner Receives:
3 – State Flour Sack Towels (your choice! *)
5 – State Single Notecards (your choice! *)
5 – Hummingbird Single Notecards
2 – State Box Sets Notecards (your choice! *)
3 – State Desk Pads (your choice! *)
3 – State Refrigerator Pads (your choice! *)
5 – Honeybee Stickers
*Must be the same state design, cannot mix and match.

Wholesale Value: $117.50 Retail Value: $263.25

Annabelle Noel Designs

Winner receives six of each size of Imagination Starters coloring kits, in designs of their choice. Plus two mats and chalk crayons in each size pouch: Standard size coloring kits – Travel size activity mats – Mini coloring mats.

Wholesale Value: $117.00 Retail Value: $261.00


Winner will receive:
1 – BLENDi Pro+ = $30 wholesale
1 – BLENDi X = $40 wholesale
1 – Hydroluxe Bottle 17oz = $15 wholesale
1 – Hydroluxe Bottle 20oz = $17.5 wholesale

Wholesale Value: $102.50 Retail Value: $204.96

JIGGY Puzzles

Win six JIGGY puzzles! Each puzzle features art by an emerging female artist (who gets a % of every sale), comes in sustainable and elevated packaging, and specially formulated puzzle glue.

Wholesale Value: $138.00 Retail Value: $275.00+


Winner receives a lovely assortment of molly&you gourmet products and serving accessories!

Wholesale Value: $111.20 Retail Value: $229.38


Odyssey Toys

Winner Receives:

1 – Auto Moto: Battling Robots
Let’s face it- a toy robot is pretty cool. But one that can transform into a sporty race car at the simple push of a button is even cooler.

1 – Spy Rover
If you’ve ever wondered what the view looked like from a remote-controlled car, then you’ll love Odyssey’s Spy Rover.

1 – Slap Car
The Slap Car is a remote-controlled toy car with 4 monster wheels that are perfect for maneuvering around just about anything.

Wholesale Value: $111.00 Retail Value: $229.97

Oooh Yeah/Sock It Up

Winner Receives:
3 Pairs of Let’s Fight Non-Slip Fuzzy Socks
2 Pairs of Llama Llama Pink Non-Slip Plush Slipper Socks
2 Pairs of Magic Unicorn Non-Slip Plush Slipper Socks
2 Pairs of Moo Moo Non-Slip Plush Slipper Socks
2 Pairs of Moo Moo Non-Slip Fuzzy Mary Jane Socks
2 Pairs of Sloth Pace Non-Slip Fuzzy Mary Jane Socks
2 Pairs of Monkey Around Non-Slip Fuzzy Mary Jane Socks
2 Pairs of Llama BOK Non-Slip Fuzzy Mary Jane Socks
2 Pairs of Lady Lady Bug Non-Slip Fuzzy Mary Jane Socks

Wholesale Value: $120.66 Retail Value: $292.91

Snuggle Puppy HERO

Snuggle Puppy HERO® The Safe Feeling of Home Everywhere Your Child Goes. When your child is anxious or overwhelmed, the world can feel like a big, lonely, and sometimes scary place. Snuggle Puppy HERO® comes to the rescue with special features designed to comfort and calm your child no matter where their adventures take them.

Wholesale Value: $109.95 Retail Value: $199.75


Winner receives: 5 Pieces from Transpac’s “Traditions” Collection offering classic designs in festive colors. Traditions start with items that stand the test of time and never go out of style.

Wholesale Value: $191.20 Retail Value: $382.40

Whitney Howard Designs

Blessing Rings – For your pocket, key chain or necklace. Versatile charms that touch the heart, Blessing Rings are lasting reminders of what’s most important to you. Proudly American Made.

Winner will receive the following items
1. 12 Free Gratitude Blessing Rings
2. 12 Ball Chain Necklaces
3. 12 Key Rings
4. 50 Best Selling Blessing Rings

Wholesale Value: $141.00 Retail Value: $392.00