Vendor Program



We appreciate your interest in both Purchasing Power Plus and Retail Advantage Group, our division for independent retailers.

We receive daily submissions from Vendors, so we have streamlined our process to ensure the best possible service. In order for us to provide you with further details, we kindly ask that you submit the information detailed below. This will help us in determining if your company is a good fit for our buying groups and so that we may speak directly to your needs.

On a bi-weekly basis, our Vendor Panel meets to consider all submissions. We will contact you for additional information regarding your product should we have any questions. Once, we have determined that your company is a complementary addition, we will send along our complete packet of information.

  1. An overview of your company and product offerings. Be sure to provide your name, phone number, email address and website address.
  2. A Catalog and Wholesale Price Sheets.
  3. The discount you would be willing to extend our Retail Member Stores. (A minimum of 10% is required)
  4.  Upload your information here>

Thank you for contacting Purchasing Power Plus and Retail Advantage Group. We look forward to learning more about your company!