Friday Fling

Don’t miss out on our Second Annual Friday Fling! April 26th is not just any Friday—it’s your golden ticket to amazing savings. Our select PPP Vendors are rolling out the red carpet with an exclusive offer of FREE FREIGHT for all PPP Retailers placing orders on this special day. It’s a prime opportunity to amplify your margins and stock up on best-sellers or try new products with absolutely no shipping costs.

Simply register here for our Friday Fling to unlock a special code that will provide you with not only Free Freight, but also your PPP Discount and standard net terms. Be sure to note any specific parameters that come with this deal—they’re straightforward and outlined for your convenience.

This is more than just a promotion; it’s a thank you—a gesture to show appreciation for your continued support and to enhance your membership. By participating, you not only save significantly but also invest in the strength and growth of our PPP Vendor community. Your engagement is vital, and together, we can continue to develop and deliver initiatives that benefit us all. Let’s make the most of 2024, including the Friday Fling savings extravaganza!


  • Please send the Zoom invitation to the email provided.