Our Team

Betty Puckett President
Betty’s career profile includes fifteen years experience in finance and accounting, as well an extensive background in the retail industry. As the first paid manager for The Toledo Hospital Gift Shop, Betty increased profits from $200,00 to over $900,000. She employed and managed 10 paid staff members, and 30 volunteers. Given her financial background and understanding of the gift shop industry, Betty was intrigued by the concept of buying networks. As a manager, she valued networking opportunities, and certainly appreciated the power of a buying group. While maintaining her role as hospital gift shop manager, Betty collaborated with her partners to build the foundation of Purchasing Power Plus. All these years later, she continues to inspire us with a spirit that is truly infectious and an unparalleled passion for our business.
Carrie Fleishman Vice President
After earning a BA in English, Carrie began her business career as a district sales manager for a national organization. She followed her success in sales, as the Public Relations/Marketing Director for PPP. Today, she serves as Vice President. Her versatility extends to all aspects of our business; negotiating discounts and incentives, planning events, writing/editing retail publications, day-to-day operations, and the implementation of new programs. Her passion extends to trends in the retail marketplace, networking with industry insiders and enhancing each Hospital Gift Shop’s Retail Membership!
A graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Alicia has been involved in the retail industry since 1986. She enjoyed working in sales, management and buying, until 1996 when Alicia undertook the challenge of hospital gift shop manager. In 2001, Alicia brought her knowledge and expertise to PPP. Alicia keeps up to date on trends, the newest lines and negotiates discounts with the hottest vendors. She always knows the perfect jewelry line, the coolest stationery collection, the best selling candle company...you will enjoy her expertise in every newsletter and issue of PULSE!
Daniel Fleishman Director of Sales
Daniel joined Purchasing Power Plus as the Director of Sales in 2014. Daniel is a published honors graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Master’s Degree from the College of Health and Public Affairs. Over the years, Daniel has explored a range of positions from restaurant general management, to a MSW within the hospital and community settings. His experience has allowed him to develop a unique set of interpersonal and professional assessment skills that complements all engagements. Daniel enjoys building professional relationships with individuals across all walks of life. He is passionate about growing our Membership base, building lasting relationships and strengthening our voice in the retail community.
Randa Ewing Executive Assistant
As the Visual Merchandise Coordinator for The Toledo Hospital Gift Shop, Randa was lauded for her beautiful displays and window designs. Given her years of experience in the gift shop industry, Randa was a natural fit as our executive assistant. Randa ensures that each request is handled with a sweet spirit and ready smile.