This digital guide features select vendors from the Purchasing Power Plus Community. Explore new product launches, additional savings opportunities, and the locations of PPP Vendors at key markets. Whether planning a market visit or strategizing your 2024 purchases, let this guide be your inspiration!

Our guide is formatted as a PDF, resembling an e-magazine, and is divided into two sections:

  • Section One: Vendor Partners offering an extra 5% discount to all PPP Retailers in July and at highlighted Summer Markets.
  • Section Two: Vendor Partners offering the standard PPP discount to all PPP Retailers.

Please note: Purchasing Power Plus discounts cannot be combined with other show offerings, and regular exclusions still apply. Choose the offering that best suits your needs and review the details, including the applicable Mart locations for each incentive, as they may vary by Vendor.

When placing orders, identify yourself as a PPP Retail Member Store and provide your store number to ensure your PPP discount and benefits are applied to all eligible orders.

A heartfelt thank you to all our PPP Vendor Partners featured in this booklet. Your sponsorship has made this valuable resource possible.